WHO we are?

We are a creative and experienced team! We have been manufacturing and selling toys in the Czech Republic and abroad for 15 years.

In recent years, however, we have also taken up custom manufacturing and, since we really liked it, we decided to offer our playful art to adults. After all, who among us is not an art lover, a fan of a sports club, a rock band or at least a member of a chain store?


Just a few words about us...




Hi, my name is Lenka! 

We will work together on your entire order, from the initial idea to delivery. We will discuss all the details together, the most suitable product type, number of pieces, prices, product modifications, payment and shipping method. I'm here to make sure everything goes smoothly and that you are happy once you receive your order.
Do you need any advice?

Email me: lenka@krokido.cz or call +420 605 217 547

I speak English, German and Czech.



Hi, my name is Silvie! 

I handle the communication with the factory, issue you a confirmation, invoice and arrange the best shipping for you so that you receive everything without any problems. I also deal with innovating our existing products and expanding our ran


Hi my name is Vilem!

I'm behind all the technology in our company, I take care of the website and marketing, product presentation and last but not least I'm in charge of packaging.


Behind the scenes, there are a lot of skilled and professional people working on your dream products - those who handle the wooden parts, the painters, the workers who paint the parts of the final product, and those who put it all together in the end.
We are simply a team!

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